Sunday, April 17

Moments in our Life

 Kisses for Baby

Just hanging around ;)
Caught a beautiful sunset driving home one night. Yup, grabbed my camera and stuck it out the

Jasmine beautiful and smelling wonderful     Babies with Ponytails ;)

One of my too many rag wreaths 
We watch monster truck videos, particularly Batman and Gravedigger, all the time. Son loves it and Daughter is quite entertained also.

As a family, we don't eat meat every day and we especially don't eat a lot of red meat or shellfish. So when we get the chance for a good BBQ with neighbors or friends, hubby takes full advantage! And let me tell you, the splurge does not disappoint! :)


  1. we watch videos of monster trucks all the time too! and trains..and motocross races...and rally car races.... I think Luka just likes anything that moves :)



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