Friday, August 12

First REAL day of school

Yesterday was Daughter's first real day at school. I dropped her off, left her at the gate, cried as she ran off and went home. I checked the clock every ten minutes until it was time to pick her up, a little over five hours later. Hubby picked her up (her request) and took her for ice cream. Son and I waited eagerly by the window for her to get home.

I had my camera ready as soon as we saw the car pull up...I was ready to capture that big 'ol grin on her face as her family, who she had missed desperately, greeted her with smiles and hugs.

I was sorely disappointed.

She barely looked in our direction, just walked right by, set down her backpack and started to tell us about her day.

The Highlights (from Daughter)

* She did not get in trouble or have to be talked to about anything, although another little boy did for hitting.

* She tattle-taled on some kids for not sharing the swings and then was quite bothered when those same children discussed the same matter with the yard supervisor because she and her friend weren't ready to share either.

* She did not eat any lunch or snack (but did drink her juice) because she wanted to play.

* There is a computer for the kids to use.

* She got to go in the 'little' bathroom all by herself.

* She raised her hand to tell the teacher about her family and shared that when her brother, Baby, eats milk from Mommy, he bites her.
  note: Baby has not nursed in quite a few months and has not bit me in many more months than that. And the teacher knows how old Baby is. 

* She did not miss us

* She learned a welcome song

* She raised her hand again to tell her teacher about her other brother, Son, and explained that when Son is naughty, mommy locks him in his room.
  note: I lock his door and sit outside it until he calms down               if he's throwing a fit. It's in Love and Logic. :

All in all she had a fabulous day and can't wait to go back!


  1. Okay, kids are the best and say the best things to their teachers. That just gave me a very much needed laugh :)

  2. This is just too adorable! You are such a
    Good mommy!

  3. awwwwww! so cute!!! yay for being in school! she is going to do great!!!

  4. cracking up.... this is too funny.. and we too lock the door. if thats helping you feel better... reading that you did.. helps me..

    btw I have written you a ton of comments.. and they never publish.. praying this one does...

  5. yeah... wishing I could remember the questions I answered here another day.. but let me just say.. wow oh wow lots in common.. oh and the whole dinner at eight thing.. love that you love it.. its a dear friend of mine at beautiful ordinary day.. small world huh.



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