Saturday, July 9

The Things Kids Say...

So for Daughter's birthday, she requested a strawberry bundt cake. She didn't know what a bundt cake was but picked the pan because she loved the shape. Anyway, today we've been playing outside and she decided to play restaurant. I was the customer and when I was placing my order she suggested that she had some wonderful desserts. I asked what she had and she said cake. I asked what kind and daughter said "Strawberry cake. With bumps." A little baffled, I said "Sure, I'll have that." As I tried to figure out what she meant by 'bumps' it came to me. I started laughing. Full blown rolling on the floor, laughing. Almost crying, laughing. I pulled myself together and asked daughter (through continued, but stifled laughter, mind you) if she meant 'strawberry bundt cake.'
"Yeah, that's it. Strawberry bump cake. The one with a bump."

And the hysterical laughter returned.

Oh man...if you have ever been hesitant to have children, this is seriously one of the reasons that could stand alone to convince you. The things your kids will say are incredible. And so stinkin' funny.


  1. too cute :) and now I want strawberry bump cake ;)

  2. That is hilarious!!! I love those moments and so glad you write these things down. She will be so glad you did too!

    Evan comes up with some silly stuff too. Just the other day he saw a snail on top of another snail and ran in the house to tell me it was giving a piggy back ride. BAHAHAHA!

    Kids surely say the darndest thing!!! You should make a series of this!

  3. PS. is that the cake in the picture?

  4. Oh that is so funny! I bet you guys will always say" bump" cake from now on! :)

  5. Christine, I should make a series of it! Good idea! And no, that's not the cake, I'll post ours with her bday post. Genn, I think we probably will! lol

  6. Oh I love it. Gosh sounds like her Mother and Auntie. Going to the "Chalkboard", (suppose to be Chapel) and were gonna get married. What a wonder time in your life, thanks for sharing.



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