Saturday, December 31

Pumpkin Patch 2011

We had a great time at a local pumpkin patch for our family trip this year. The kids had a blast just running around here and there and everywhere. We picked out mini pumpkins and squash and bought carving pumpkins at Henry's for much less cashola. ;) 
The kids never even thought about it twice.

stopping for a little tinkle break ;)

Baby LOVED these "scarecrows" with the strange gourds for heads. haha

Her favorite pumpkin
His favorite

A dreamy house...a little big, and I'd prefer just one story, but heck, if any one's wondering....

We were BLESSED with beautiful skies that night...and I couldn't help but take 3 trillion pictures of them

Best group shot I could get

Love that they are becoming more and more like friends as they get older. 

oh my lands...How great is our God??!!

Catching up on 2011

Daughter took a trip to a local pumpkin patch with her girl scouts troop. They had fun playing in the pumpkins, finding their way out of the corn maze a couple times and watching the pig races.

Crazy hair day at school was a blast!

 And we had a lovely time celebrating Hubby's 30th birthday with family and a few of his close friends

Vanilla Latte bundt cake was just perfect for him ;)

And of course, he let the kids blow out the candles. So sweet ;)


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