Tuesday, March 22

Buzz Lightyear

My friend Jessica just threw her son, Luke (my son's bff) his third birthday party. It was a Buzz Lightyear theme and turned out so great! Check it out on her party blog, Party love
And guess what?? 
A couple friends and I got to contribute just a tiny bit to the sweet little treats.

My friend Maria, made the cake

My friend Kati made the cookies

And I made edible cupcake toppers. I was so proud of them until hubby thought they were dinosaur feet. They were rockets. My first attempt at rockets. Not dinosaur feet. But if anyone is throwing a dinosaur themed party anytime soon, I do believe I could whip up a mean dinosaur foot. ; )

So fun, huh?? 

Remember when I mentioned that I was working on something big and fun and scrumptious?

Well these lovely ladies are working on it with me. Hint Hint.



  1. I love that you guys contributed to the party - how fun and meaningful =)

  2. Soooo cute! i love the cookies and the cake toppers! Does you friend have a blog. I want to make cookie favors for Nicks finding nemo party...

    maybe you can give me some tips!

  3. So adorable! And they look like rockets to me! ;)

  4. haha!!! LOVE the post... looks like I need to get a move on, on mine!! ;) and I thought they looked like rockets from the beginning!! ;)



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