Saturday, July 21

Filling our Days

Many, many mornings have stretched into the afternoons with us stil in our PJ's loving on our newest little family member.

The boys just adore their baby ;)

and she's never been happier than to finally have a sister. ;)
We celebrated Wayde's second birthday just a few days after Laynie was born.

Dinner and cupcakes with a couple close friends and family. He had a great time. As our family has grown, we've truly learned to embrace simplicity. I think it has taught our kids to be appreciative for even the smallest gestures.

He couldn't decide between cupcake, cookies or ice cream. So naturally, he got them all. He's the birthday boy, right? :)

Wayde LOVES to dress up. But he takes the term very literally and ALWAYS includes a dress.

Little glimpse of Laynie's room. Bright, cheery, colorful...totally her. She's such a happy baby

Go big or go home, yeah?

Kaelyn had open house at school one night. We got to see all the neat projects she's made all year and have dinner at school. She was SO excited to eat dinner at school! haha
She got really nervous about showing us all her work, excited, but nervous. Hence, the tongue in cheek look here.

Who doesn't want a new van and a bath tup that changes colors?!

Poppa G came from Arizona for a little visit. He spent the whole day, breakfast to dinner with us. The kids just lost their marbles playing with him. It was so special


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