Friday, June 1


I was reading Genesis 3 today. I've read this passage countless times and every time it is the story of the fall of man and a picture of how God wants to reconcile our sin and draw us near to Him. Today however, verses nine and ten took on a very different meaning for some reason. In verse nine, God calls out to Adam and Eve, asking where they are. Now come on, He's God, right? He knows where they are. lol Then in verse ten, Adam tells God that they heard him coming and they hid because they were afraid because they were naked.

Every other time I've studied this, I've paralleled it to my own life by showing how Adam and Eve were ashamed of their sin and hid from God, trying to hide their sin. And that God called to them because he wanted to give them the chance to come forward. I'm sure there is more to it than that, but that's just the way it's always been to me.

Today, however, I asked myself why God calls out to me, asking me where I am when He knows full well. He calls out to me asking where I am to see if I am willing to come forward and proclaim "Here I am, Lord. Send me." Then I asked why I hide when I do. I think that one reason that sends me into hiding is when I hear His call, instead of focusing on Jesus and trusting that He is preparing me because He WANTS to use me, I focus on my own faults and inadequacies. My own nakedness and to me, it just seems that it cannot be good enough for God to use. So I hide. I turn away from the call, turn the page, flip the channel. Next! I ignore it by busying myself with a million other things or procrastinate by explaining "all in due time."

Please Lord, continue to call out to me...even though you know the state of my heart. You know that I am not good enough, but am able through YOU!. You know that I am not always willing; help me to only desire your will. Keep calling me. Give me courage and faith to stay present...out of hiding. Front and center, waiting on your call. And blind my eyes to my faults, keep my eyes focused on eternity and your glory.


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