Friday, April 15


I got it knocked out of me. Yup, hubby really threw me a new one. Something I really wasn't expecting. A real eye-opener.

You see, Hubby and I have a handful of shows. "Our" shows. I've always been so impressed that a lot of "our" shows are not naturally men's shows. However, I totally scored and got a Hubby that eagerly watches McDreamy Grey's, Glee and Parenthood with me.
Such a great show...I thought this was the best pic to represent...Shows how hard they work, ;)

I know I know. I'd be envious if I were you also. The only lame show of his that I suffer through is Fringe. It's such an awesome trade.
Seriously?! This is Walter, from Fringe. He's got issues. Now you know what I mean when I say suffer. 

Well, I really never saw it as much of a sacrifice on his end because he always says he likes those shows.

He had no problem telling me that Private Practice had to go.
Come on...How can you turn this off? She's about to CUT Violet's baby out!!
He told me that Army Wives puts him to sleep and that the Bachelor can kiss his a** is not his cup of tea.
You don't want to wait and see if he chooses HER?!

So when he tells me, "Oh yeah, a new Grey's, let's watch it right this minute," of course, I grab a snack and say "Great Idea!"

Anyway, the other night we settled in to watch Parenthood, a show I have grown quite fond of, especially since I just love checking out the decor in all their homes.
Be still, my heart. Do you LOVE the kitchen floors as much as I do?

But there's a little something in there for everyone. I mean, there's obviously romance, kids, girl drama and fabulously decorated homes for women, but there's a good deal for men too.
I mean, Adam constantly has work issues and he's adjusting to his son's diagnosis with Asperger's. Poor guy.
And Crosby just recently cheated on his fiance' and lived on a houseboat for a long time. Guys would find that sort of thing interesting right? Oh and what about this... Zeke gave his 14 year old grandson a "brewsky" and has a short temper and a beer in hand in eight out of ten scenes. Most guys can totally relate to that, huh? Huh? we watched this episode and it was particularly riveting. I was completely enthralled. Like clinging to the edge of the couch and biting off the rest of my finger nails. So after the final scene, and of course after I stayed tuned for scenes from the next episode (I ALWAYS stay tuned), I mentioned to Hubby that one of his best friends' wife just told me that they love and watch Parenthood also!
You don't say! YOU and your hubby LOVE Parenthood, too?!

He calmly responds, without missing a beat,
"Honey, I'm sure it's more like SHE loves it and he watches it because she likes it, not because he is desperate to find out if Jasmine is going to forgive Crosby. He's probably just like me."

Just. Like. You.


What? No, It can't be!


You don't look forward to this every week?

You don't think about Sarah's writing career all week long??

You don't want to just bring Amber home and set her straight???

Sarah Palin is always caught with great facial I threw this one in just for fun

Wow. I really didn't see that one coming.
Totally blindsided.

So ladies, let me take this one for the team.

If you are fairly surprised that your significant other of the male gender can't wait to snuggle while captivated by McSteamy Grey's...If you are suspicious of his interest in singing High School students or a Lifetime series based on the life of an Army Wife, go with your gut.

He's probably faking it.
And if he's had years of practice, like my Hubby, you'll never know.
Army Wives...can't believe he's faking.

At first, it hurts.

But don't'll get over it quickly.
Just think, now you don't have to wait until he gets home and the kids are in bed to catch up on your DVR. Heelllooo nap time! ;)
Is this lady winking or does she have Turret's? Not sure...
PS: I truly do spend the majority of my time doing things that are much more productive and meaningful, but just so you all know, when I do squeeze in my one or thirty-seven two shows, I ALWAYS fold laundry at the same time. See, multitasking at it's finest. ;)

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  1. LOVE THIS!!! HA! :) My hubby only watches Bachelor with me.....then we have a handful of sitcoms that we enjoy together...but Glee, Army Wives (new fave thanks to u!), Parenthood....all on my own! ;)



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