Monday, April 18

Enjoying a gift

 One Saturday, we had run a few errands and spent our day being bored and moping about, feeling our "Saturday Blues" that I've talked about. We were on the way home from dropping some things off with a friend and I was feeling especially grumpy and envious of Saturday funday family time. As I turned down a street we drive down all the time, I looked to my left at the goat pasture. And I noticed that the goats had new babies! I turned back to the road and felt God tugging on me, reminding me. I am on this journey, trying to live life to its fullest and seek out gifts from Him. He nudged me, and told me to go enjoy this gift that He had before me. So I whipped that minivan around and pulled over in the dirt. As I hustled the kids out of the car, their faces confused and excited, I realized I was feeling 
such a complete joy at that moment. 
The smile on my face couldn't be shaken. I almost felt like laughing out loud. 
That here, in this small moment, on the corner of the road, I found God. 
In baby goats. 

 The famous sideways Son look...I figured out where he gets it though...I do it when I'm really concentrating on something. So maybe he just really concentrates on everything! :)

 Watching from the car

I just couldn't help it...look at the milk jugs on that one on the left!! Eek! :/

It was a nice moment and a great time to thank God for the little gifts He sends every day, in every moment,
 if I am but only able to open my eyes and see them. 


  1. What an awesome moment to share... GOD gets us through doesn't he? We just have to be willing to keep our eyes open! I too, had a similar experience this Saturday!!

  2. Cade enjoyed your pics ;) I also loved little waydes smile!!

  3. Totally get this! This has been my goal as of late... Just enjoy the little moments. Its amazing how they happen when you're looking for them.



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