Friday, September 16

Gifts 799-859

Helpful people strangers at airports
Amazing children
Daughter, getting so grown up and jumping at the chance to help mom
the aching in my heart saying goodbye to Hubby, even just for a week
smart packing 
wise planning
big hallways to run
the excitement of a child's "first" flight
meeting the kindest pilots
my stomach feeling sick during take off and turbulence for the first time ever
the eager and inquisitive minds of exploring children
chubby toes kicking the nicest woman the entire flight
taking in a new place
seeing a part of God's creation for the first time
stunning sunsets
even more incredible sunrises
being awake to see the sunrise
seeing nothing but rolling hills, blue skies as far as I can look
sitting outside holding baby as the sun rises slowly over the pond
hearing the world, God's world, moving around me
time with family
reflecting on old family memories
missing those we've lost
seeing them again in family videos
kids driving tractors
sidewalk chalk
learning about "tomatoes" and "tomato cellars."
majestic horses in the fields
the biggest sky I've ever seen
helping my parents in the kitchen
Baby loving on Poppa
Son helping Grandma-mother in the kitchen
Daughter learning new homework tips from Poppa
Talking to Hubby/Daddy every day
Missing home
Missing hubby
Waiting for Auntie to arrive
Swimming for hours at Grandma's house
(how often can we say that??!!)
throwing rocks in the pond
setting off fireworks
sleeping in one room together
admiring Oklahoma's adorable zoo
Running along the Arkansas River
The sweet and knowledgeable veterans at the air and space museum
the vastness of space
Myself, so small, not even a speck in this incredible galaxy
Being treasured by the one, the Force holding all "this" together
More galaxies than we can count or explore in a lifetime
stars, constantly being "born" and dying, Jesus knowing each one and it's number 
Realizing my place in this life
having a good day
Baby calling my parent's dog "Bewwah!!"
A fresh haircut
talking to my dad late into the night



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