Thursday, September 15

Belle sings SIlent Night

A couple weeks ago, when I put Son down for a nap, we had one of those insane moments. The screaming, flailing, hitting, kicking, arching back, levitating, running up the walls and drop-kicking toys, speaking in another know, when a kid does NOT want to nap so badly that they go all 
Emily Rose on you? Yeah. It was kinda like that. 

I tried to reach out and rub his back. 
He jerked away.
I tried to calmly say his name and talk to him.
He screamed at me.
I tried to cuddle him.
He hit me.
I tried to leave.
He threw stuff and screamed to come back.

It was definitely not one of his most charming moments.

I was at a loss and getting frustrated, anticipating that he would be waking Baby up any moment. 
I pleaded with God to cast out the demons. I sat down on the floor of his room, watching my little boy lose his marbles because he was so sleepy, and I started to sing. It was Christmas time and the only song that came to mind immediately seemed to reflect the deepest desires of my heart. I sang Silent Night. Right after the first "Holy Night," he sat down and watched me, wiping his eyes and sniffling that sad little kid sniffle. As soon as I got to "yon virgin," he crawled over and started to climb on my lap. I looked past the boogers and tears and pulled him in, leaning his red, tear-stained face on my chest. 
I wrapped my arms around him and finished the song, rocking slightly. 
I started to sing it again and was about halfway through when he stopped me. 


I was a little annoyed. Couldn't he just enjoy the moment and fall asleep? Do we have to have questions, or discussions or arguments right now?

"What Son?"

"Mommy...can you sing it two more times?"

"Yes Son. Do you like this song?"

"Yeah, I like dis song. You sing dis song like Belle. So pretty Mommy."

Guilt set in for feeling so annoyed. Thankfulness set in for God helping me keep my cool and showing me what my little boy needed. I sang Silent Night two more times and then tucked Son into bed. 

I have since had the same scenario happen a couple times. Son goes into hysteria at bed or nap time. Demons take over. I pull out Silent Night in my best Belle voice and demons run for the hills. 
I would highly recommend this technique to any religious leader with a sticky demon possession situation or any mother with a sleep demon lingering.
 One or two refrains of Silent Night (using a Belle voice) and your insane child is out. 
You can all thank me later. ;-)

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  1. hahaha! i remember reading this post on your old blog! I think it was before i first met you...

    and then i knew we'd me instant friend... love the humor. us mothers need that..



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