Tuesday, April 12

I Like Coffee...I just don't drink it

I like coffee.
I like it a lot.
I really, really like coffee with flavored creamers.
I really like Hawaiian coffee blends.
I don't drink coffee more than once or twice a week.
I used to drink lots of cups a day.
I like it hot, iced, espresso drinks, foofy drinks, mistos, etc.
I'm not picky. 
Well, not really.
I guess I'm a little picky.
I stopped drinking a lot of coffee when I had kids.
Not because of the caffeine.
I don't mind decaf.
I'm not in it for the buzz.
I like the taste and smell.
I used to work at a coffee shop.
It was my favorite job.
Someday I'd love to open a coffee shop/sweet shoppe.
Why don't I drink a lot of coffee anymore?
Because I like my hot coffee, HOT! 
And my iced coffee, well, with ice, not watered down from melted ice.
And ya know what?
Since I've had kids, I can count the number of cups of HOT coffee I've had on my fingers.
So, in conclusion, I love coffee.
I would drink more of it if I didn't have kids.
Or maybe if my kids were old enough to leave me alone for a few minutes to drink some coffee.
I like my coffee HOT.
Not lukewarm.
Lukewarm coffee = ick.
I'll skip the coffee if I'm not sure that I can finish it before it's lukewarm.
How do you like your coffee?


  1. omg I love this post. it speaks to me haha. I TOTALLY get it!

  2. Haha! my coffee is half gone right now and COLD! I just microwave it... are you too good for that? lol

    I like mine with half and half and two splendas.

    At Starbucks I love : peppermint mochas (iced of hot) and carmel lattes.

    :) How do you get through the day?!

  3. Christine, I am TOTALLY too good for microwaving it. ;)

  4. I hear ya sister... I like mine hot too!! and I get mad when it cools down.... there's nothing worse than lukewarm or watered down coffee....

  5. ahhh, I love how you just blogged about coffee. I dont blog more often cause I think I have nothing to talk about, then i read your random blogs and I LOVE IT!!! p.S. I drink coffee all day long. I brew a fresh pot about 3pm every single day!



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