Wednesday, May 18

Gifts 439-463

Daughter's Transfer request approved
the movie Up
quiet rain in the morning
feeling nervous
losing my camera
waiting for Him to provide
God providing, even when it's just a wish list item.
Making lemonade
Afternoon snack time with kids
Talking around the kitchen
long favored toys
getting to know my children
my new camera ;)
rose petals
sweeping crumbs from the floor
sunlight on freshly cleaned kitchen table
praying for patience
Receiving it
diffusing an argument and watching Son and Daughter exchange "I'm sorry's" and hugs
Baby's double chin
Baby "talking" to Son and Daughter
Being sick, forcing me to take more moments and live in them
catching my breath


  1. hooray for the transfer request! ;)

  2. I love your commitment to this. I need to be better about it! Yay fir losing your camera. Haha!



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