Thursday, August 25

Rambles on a Thursday Afternoon

Hello dear readers of mine.
How is everyone today?

I hope everyone is feeling joyful and loved 
and if not, I am praying you feel that way soon!

Because you are!!

I am feeling pretty content right now.
I think contentment is one of my favorite feelings.
Being completely and utterly satisfied with what God
has given me and done for me.
It doesn't get much better than that.

In news around the house,
Daughter is still LOVing school,
Son is still really enjoying his time with just mom and brother
and Baby is well, just getting cuter every single day.
Tough crowd, huh?

Behavior has been pretty good also, which is encouraging.
Man those days of whining and complaining and fighting and refusing,
they are so draining aren't they?
I adapted a couple new discipline systems around here 
and they are going pretty well.
I'll try to post about those this week.
I think they're really helping.

I am officially taking over the money management around here.
Full time.
Up until now I have only managed small household finances:
groceries, personal family items, gas, etc.
We just decided that perhaps I should
go ahead and take over the whole deal.
Not because there was any issue with HUbby doing it,
but just to get me more involved in it 
and ease his burdens just a touch.
Just one less thing he needs to worry about.
So I'm excited, hoping that I can help and 
relieve a little stress,
but also nervous.
What if I mess up??
What if we go broke??
What if ...
oh jeez....
I'm so silly.
We'll be fine.
I can do it. ;)

I had a terrible dream last night.
It woke me and kept me up for two hours.
I was sick to my stomach.
I am going to share my dream
but I hope none of you read too deeply into this.
It's seriously awful.
And I don't want you all to think this
is a reflection of my innermost thoughts.
It is absolutely crazy.
And I can probably blame it on some crazy episode of
Desperate Housewives and Law and Order blended
in my sleeping brain.
I dreamt that Hubby and I thought, for some reason, that
there was someone that was going to
take our kids and there was nothing
we could do physically or legally to get them back.
So to prevent this atrocity,
we did the unthinkable.
We killed our kids in their sleep and made it look like an accident.
It was so awful.
I never saw them, the kids,
in the dream.
I just somehow knew that's what we were doing.
I woke up and could hardly breathe
(which we all know is nothing new, but it wasn't the wheezing,
it was like gasping for air or almost hyperventilating).
I almost woke Hubby up,
but he's usually VERY incoherent in the middle of the night.
So I checked on all the kids,
and then sat with a cup of water,
in my bed and prayed.
For a long time.
And every time I would stop praying,
close my eyes,
and try to sleep again,
the images of flames would return,
We burned our house down in my dream.
Then I would snap back up and pray again.
All three kids woke up during this time
when I was awake in bed.
They woke up at different times,
one had growing pains,
one got hot,
one wanted a drink.
And I almost felt relieved that they woke,
that they needed me to come and tend to them,
make them comfortable and sleep again.
Ugh...what a sick dream.
I wonder what it means?
Do you believe in that?
Deep meanings of dreams?
I hope it means nothing.
I hope it's just an awful mash-up of Desperate Housewives and Law and Order.
It's got to be.
Mixed with a little pregnancy hormones, right?
Speaking of pregnancy, I'll be posting the gender reveal tonight.
Have a fabulous afternoon! 
Talk to you all soon!!


  1. DeBran,
    Glad to hear you are in a good place.. Everyone deserves to feel that way. Can't wait to hear the gender. I don't think I would read too much into the dream.. Pregnancy hormones can do wonders to us .. Just take it easy and relax....

  2. I know exactly what it means... Stop watching silly slows and do something more productive. Lol!! Totally joking! I'm sorry yoou had that dream.. I wouldn't take anything from it. Glad you are
    Content. :)
    Me too. Albeit worried and content. Is that possible?

  3. Oh Debran! I had the WORST and strangest dreams when I was pregnant!!! Hated them so much! Hang in there!!!

  4. So awful! I remember having the weirdest dreams when I was pregnant! It's the worst feeling when they feel so real and vivid and you can't shake the images. Here's to happy dreams tonight full of laughter, rainbows and balloons!;)

  5. usually death in a dream means the ending of something and the beginning of something a new member of the family perhaps? Mix that with Desperate Housewives and pregnancy hormones and it's bound to be a little twisted :-/ fingers crossed for sweet dreams tonight!

  6. That's terrible :( glad to hear the contentment in your heart and life though. I have and always have crazy dreams. I agree with Carlie, hope you sleep well tonight! :)



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