Wednesday, February 2

Truck Themed Party

Playing with trucks ;)

Some of the spread :P
Lining up for pin the license plate on the truck game. A friends' husband was kind enough to lend his artistic talent and draw this neat truck on a poster board for our game. I made license plates with the kids' names and ages on the computer and colored them so they looked more real. All the kids had a small one for the game and a bigger one to take home and put in their room.
The license plate game

Some of the decor..haha

Ahhh...colorful balloons everywhere!
The silverware set out in a wooden truck

The cold food table...I made the banner with felt and ribbon. It's hard to see but it says Happy Birthday. I used the pinata to help decorate until it was time to use it and I put Brandt's car rug on the table to add a little umph. ;)

For dessert, we decided to forget cake and ice cream and go for birthday boy's absolute favorite treat (and one of my own as well): donut holes from a donut shop down the street. MMMMM! I loaded them up in dump trucks to look like rocks and then we had homemade chocolate sauce and vanilla bean whipped cream to dip them in. And I just love having a special little individual dessert for the birthday boy or girl, so this time I got a little dump truck and put three holes and a number 2 candle in it for him to make his wish after we sang. The donuts were the best idea...super easy, super delicious and completely gone!

This theme was so simple, colorful and creative! The possibilities were endless and it ended up being so cost effective! Most of the decor was pulled from the kids' rooms and the play room as well as borrowed from friends. This would be great for boys of many ages. 

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