Tuesday, August 2

Life without FB

I was beginning to spend way too much time on FB.
So how on Earth did I fill my days when I gave it up?
Here's the short list:

1. Mended pants that have been in the mending basket for uhhh...well, that's irrelevant really. 

2. Made my prayer notecards and saw a couple prayers answered!

3. Took a few more pictures!

4. Caught up on all my kids' baby books!!

5. Vacuumed four times

6. Deep cleaned the bathrooms

7. Had a garage sale

8. Helped baby proof the kitchen. Hey, better late than never, right?

9. Read

10. Did a lot more Bible reading

11. Played puzzles

12. Weeded

13. Cleaned the playroom, twice.

14. Talked on the phone!

15. Placed a Scentsy order

16. Thought about selling Scentsy

17. Felt free

18. Talked to God...really talked to God

19. Watched movies with Hubby and kids

20. Discussed nutrition with a friend for two hours.

All in all, a fairly productive week was had!! 
I logged back on to FB at my one week mark, and I was bored to tears! So I quickly closed out my account again. More on what I learned that week later.


  1. Oh wow! Love your list! Amazing isn't it? I am back on fb but I somehow gained the self control while I was away to not check in every hour...
    So glad to hear you are doing well!

  2. Hi DeBran! I found your blog on Aunt Ruthie's and have been stalking for a while now so I thought I'd finally comment! Turns out that this post is pretty relevant for me, I am the queen of deleting my FB only to reactivate after a short break. This last time I deleted around the same time as you, actually, and I opened a new account instead of reactivating the old one. It helped tremendously as I only added the people who I really have relationships with or with people I am inspired by. Turns out- it is a pretty short list and most of them are busy IRL just like me. :) I love keeping up with my favorite sites and blogs though, so having a FB wall is a useful tool in that dept. Since my break, I now only log in a few times a day, as opposed to my old habits that I'm too shameful to admit to! Anyways. I love your blog and think it's great that you are stepping back and allowing God to work in you. :) Paris

  3. it has been the most freeing experience. i only wish i did it sooner. i am loving life without fb. xo

  4. Hi Paris, thank you for coming by and for your nice words! I know what it's like to come out of the lurker closet, glad to meet you! lol FB is so tricky, huh? I'm glad you've found a happy medium, you're right, it is nice to have for certain reasons. :)

  5. Dang check you out! I'm on a facebook break right now, I didn't deactivate b/c I figure I'll want to go back on in one day, but maybe not. I unstalled the app on my phone. It's addictive & I too have a long list of things I'd rather do & should be doing so why do I constantly feel the need to check for notifications & or see what everyone is up to day in day out? Bleh...I like to keep in touch with people however, but it seems I cannot over come the addictive aspect of it (for now) ....so we shall see what my break brings me. Wish me luck!

  6. lol, good luck Erika!! If you're anything like me, you'll love the break! I deactivated it the first week because I needed it to be a little more difficult than flipping open the laptop. But it's really easy to reactivate it, you just sign back in really. In order to completely delete it you have to go through and actually delete every single picture, etc. Ugh...I know what you mean though, it's been really nice without it!



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