Sunday, April 10

Choosing my Battles

This is Son.
This is a crappy picture as far as photo quality.
This is a perfect picture to show off Son.
This is a completely normal outfit to find him in.
This picture was actually snapped as he was darting out the door to spend a full day running errands with Hubs. 
Yes, Hubs did actually look at me with raised eyebrows and was venturing to suggest an outfit change.
I looked right back at him with my eyebrows arched at the same questioning angle and suggested HE choose his battles.

They left shortly after 
and got lots of kind stares and comments at the stores that day.
Eh, whatev. Son's happy, I'm happy.


  1. I love it. I choose my own battles too. Hence the 2 different shoes my son insists on wearing.



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