Wednesday, March 23


What is the point of blogging?

Great question! What makes me think that there are people out there who really care or want to read about me and what I have to say or think about things? Do I really think I'm that interesting? Not really, but apparently I am to a couple people. ; )

For me, blogging started mostly as a place for me to dump my thoughts and things that I have learned, share what God shows me and tells me, work through my personal issues and battles. It was about sharing my life, my experiences, whatever I can share that could be of some use to other people. I've always said if just one person could find something useful, inspiring, thought-provoking or just plain entertaining, then my blog has served its purpose. It started to gradually turn into more of a family journal, but I felt burdened by it. It felt cumbersome and less meaningful. I started to get freaked out about safety issues with readers, hearing stories and having a lot of friends make their blogs private, I decided to make mine private too. Then I made Triple Scoop, so that I could still blog publicly and keep my family private. Happy medium?

I love to write and I believe that this is a resource that God has given me to reach people, to share Him. To share what He's given me and hopefully be a little glimpse into His light.

Recently a reader emailed me and said that they were not only entertained and inspired by my stories, but also felt ministered to. They said that they felt like they knew me, but only parts of me. It really got me thinking and wondering. I am a strong believer in authenticity, living your life honestly and in my blog, I try to be as open and true to myself as possible. Well lately I've been struggling with that and feeling like I am not, like something is missing. 

I keep having this weight on my heart and feel like God keeps telling me that my blog is my mission field right now, perhaps a calling for right now, besides of course my family and community. He can use me, my blog and my family for His purpose. And I feel like I just keep hearing Him telling me that He will keep us safe. 

I just don't know which way to go. I feel annoyed with tip toeing around my own blog, not knowing how much is too much to share, worrying, being fearful. But then I don't want to be irresponsible with my family's safety. I wonder, do I just go out and blindly trust in Him, or if I do that am I ignoring the tools He has given me to keep my family safe?

So my question is this: What are all YOUR thoughts on private vs open permission blogs?

Do tell...

I need some input...


  1. I have the same thoughts..When I was private I felt the same, almost on lock down? Since I have been public for a week I have liked the response and dont feel the urgancy to switch back to private? if that makes sense. I have learned to trust my instincts and do what feels right ;) I enjoy reading your blog so what ever way you go, count me in!

  2. I think the fact that you can reach out to people you may never know you touch is something to be considered. Also we are called to be lights to the world... What about the safety of the missionary who travels to dangerous countries? Are they testing God or doing what he's called them to do. Pray for the protection of your children, be safe in terms of privacy and go from there. Just my opinion... Take it or leave it. :)

  3. DEBRAN, for me it's a way to connect with other Mom's around my age that have the same feelings and frustrations. I have been through alot in my life and for me it's also a way to record what i'm feeling.. Thank you for visting me. Mine is open to the public still but I look at my stats alot. I don't put my son's school or teachers name . Only you can decide what is right for your family. Thanks again for visiting my blog. Have a good night... :)



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