Thursday, August 25

The Big Reveal

When I was prego with Baby, I started seeing all these gender reveal parties everywhere. I LOVED the idea and wanted to do one so badly, but we weren't sure we were even going to find out the gender ourselves. 
Well, when I got pregnant with jelly bean, I KNEW I wanted to do a gender reveal. 

Just one little issue...
this was the year of simplicity for Hubby and I. And he ESPECIALLY did not want to spend a lot of time, effort or money on parties. 
So we compromised.
We decided to do the party,
but keep it simple, small and affordable.
So that meant hardly any extras,
no fluff,
just the basics.

And it turned out alright. 
None of our family could come, so we were a little disappointed to miss sharing our news with them,
but we were still happy to share with our friends that could come.
And I know that most parents choose not to find out before the party, and I thought that sounded so fun; for the guests to be able to share in that moment of first finding out.
However, I really, really wanted a girl.
I mean really.
So I didn't want to find out in front of everyone what I was having and chance showing any glimmer of disappointment. 
Hubby and I found out about three and a half weeks before the party.

We are good at keeping secrets.

I hardly took any pictures that day, it just didn't happen.

Here's the wording I came up with for the invitiation:

"We've got a secret
we can't wait to share.
Let your guess of the gender
be what you wear.
Blue be for boys,
Pink be for girls.
But your won't know our secret,
'til our secret's revealed!"

It was so fun to see what everyone thought we were having in all 

the blue and pink outfits.

We chose to keep the menu simple and sweet with just desserts, 

fruit and refreshments.

We did our reveal using fortune cookies. I thought it would be kinda

to just have one person find the lucky cookie. So I made a slip

with the announcement and slid it in one cookie.

YAY!! SO exciting!

We are so thrilled, BEYOND thrilled. 

And thank heavens, because Daughter would have it no other way. ;)

For favors, I decided to give everyone a little shaker of sugar and spice. :)

A little blury, but you get the idea

And here's the short clip from when Janet opened her cookie and made our announcement.

Thank you so much to everyone who could make it! It really meant a lot for us to share this exciting news with you all!


  1. how exciting that you are having a girl!! so sorry we missed it :( and I have been enjoying my "sugar and spice" on my oatmeal every morning ;)

  2. Congratulations! What a fun way to reveal the sex of the baby! That is so great! And now I want a lemon bar! Lol


  3. Awe! That is sooo special. I love the video. you are soo soo blessed. Congrats lady! Wish i could have been there!!!

  4. Congrats!! What a fun way for everyone you love to participate in the big reveal... You and your Hubby are so blessed.. I bet the kiddos are happy. Congrats again...

  5. It was so special for us to be there! So happy your blessed with another girl!! Now we can't wait to meet her! ;)

  6. oh Debran, I am in tears. Congratulations!!!



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