Saturday, April 9

We've got Issues...

Breathing issues, that is.
The whole family, with the exception of hubs, has respiratory issues. The boys and myself have it the worst, Daughter has it occasionally. 
Allergies, seasons, cats, smoke, being sick, running around too much...all of this can bring on some serious attacks. I've had asthma all my life, Son was recently officially diagnosed. Baby is too young to be diagnosed, but has had respiratory problems since he was ten days old, so it's pretty inevitable. 
Steroids (inhaled, liquid, shots, etc), breathing treatments, medication in pill form. Low oxygen levels, Coughs that last eight weeks. All of it...story of my life.
I used to wonder why I had asthma, I used to hate it. Now don't get me wrong, I don't love it now, but I'm glad that I have it and have had it my whole life to know what my kids are experiencing. Sometimes I feel frustrated, knowing that I am probably the reason they all have these issues, a lot of times it can be partially genetic. Nevertheless, I am still glad I can sympathize, yet keep a calm mind about it. I very rarely overreact, even though it is really scary when your kids just cannot breathe properly, and I think that helps a lot.

Anyway, these are some pics from the last time the boys were sick. Poor guys

I will never forget how it broke my heart to hold this mask over my baby's face when he was just ten days old, desperate for him to be able to breathe. We were so blessed to have such an amazing doctor. She called us every night around seven to check on him, dismisses all copays for the time while he was sick because she wanted to see him so much (daily for over a week) and even offered to come to the house to treat him, knowing that I had just had my third baby and hubs work schedule was a little kooky. What an angel! I have never witnessed such dedication. She was and is amazing!

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