Sunday, April 10


Here and there we've had some incredible weather. Days filled with sunshine and blue skies. Here's how we've been spending them. Well, mostly. I didn't snap any pictures of the daily temper tantrums, but you all know how that goes, right?

ready to catch!

even our dogs got in on the action

crafts outside

with friends

picking out our own usual

spending some good quality time with the time out chair

and again...

oozing from various orifices...okay, who am I kidding?! This happens regardless of the weather

How do you spend your sunshiny days?

1 comment:

  1. I was SO mad to have to leave Cali today!! The weather was so beautiful!! it was as if He was showing off! haha... crappy weather almost the entire time I was there and then perfect weather when I leave! BOOOOOO!!!



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