Monday, September 26

Gifts 860-906

Watching the sunrise moment by moment as it creeps up and through each cloud in quiet morning sky
majestic horses running free
amazing thunder storms
hours of playing outside with nothing but nature
safe travels
welcome home greetings
hearing about our trip from my kids
meeting a new blog friend
a lingering summer
waiting for fall
deciding on a name
bickering with hubby
saying I'm sorry
pondering what God didn't have to do = grace
shuddering at what He should have done = mercy
giveaways, so generous
my favorite verse: Exodus 14:14
a growing belly
the times when my back isn't hurting
shoe glue
missing Oklahoma
children's books
watching Daughter read!!
The tale of Loveland
having a me love her more
fishing with my family
catching a fish or two!!
dragonflies of all colors I love pears
little girls worrying about marriage
teaching them to be children
smudges on the mirrors
handprints on the window
growth spurts
homemade gifts for family
dreaming of Christmas
oatmeal cookie oatmeal
Daughter's sassy attitude and hot temper
long eyelashes and
wide eyes
hair so soft like velvet
seeing armadillos! lol
a friend expecting a little one
banana smoothies
Trader Joe's vanilla wafers-OMG

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