Sunday, September 25

Boo/Autumn Tree

It's almost done! YAY!

What do you think?

We had a fun afternoon of crafting and decorating before Hubby went to work tonight. Nothing sexier than a man glueing pipe cleaner spiders ;)

Daughter had fun making a little cemetary

And Son made a bat or two

And Baby, well, Baby just kept the dogs busy ;)

I bought a few of those cheap foam craft kits at Joann's and added ribbon to hang them from our tree

 Besides the craft kits and a few small "ornaments," I pulled from a lot of things I already had to keep this project really affordable. First up, Mrs. McKaffie moved from her perch on a shelfto help snazzy up our Boo Tree. BTW, I told the kids that was her name and that she watches them all the time and reports back to me whether or not they should go trick or treating. ;) They ate it up.

I mixed Autumn decor with Halloween and I really like the way it turned out. I've always been a bigger fan of Autumn/fall decor than Halloween, but with the kids it is a lot of fun to bring in the spiders and spook. Plus, ever since I found Mrs. McKaffie last year, I have a soft spot for darling old witches. :)
In fact, I found her sister today, Mrs. Dunthrop. lol
I found quite a few of them at Homegoods and it took every drop of self-control to stop myself from buying them all! But I do officially now have a collection starting. ;)
Not a good picture, sorry. Try again tomorrow. 

I had these old wooden frames on my craft table waiting to be repainted and thought they'd add something kinda fun. So I hung a few on the tree and had some of those spiders Hubby made hanging out of them. 

Some rafia hangs down all over and I wrapped it in purple in orange tulle. I also used some fall silk flowers and leaves, pumpkins etc and stuck them in randomly to fill in space. I still have some things I want to put in there: I want to find some sticks and paint them black and just keep my eyes peeled for something else. And I might find myself picking out another witch doll because I'm not sure I can stop myself. :/

I've NEVER had this much fun with Halloween or Fall before. I may have to add a full size Christmas tree to every holiday ;)



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