Sunday, August 7

Rachelle's Summer Soiree

My friend Rachelle just had a sweet little baby girl. In June, my friend Jessica and I threw her a baby shower. We had a lot of fun planning this party. We knew we wanted tie in summer and citrus (she always craves citrus during pregnancy) and I definitely wanted to have the shower in the evening. I imagined a lovely summer dinner on the patio with candles and flowers everywhere. Jessica had so many fabulous ideas and added her magical party touch everywhere, it was really fabulous.

Here are the invitations

I had seen a lemon wreath on a blog somewhere and naturally, did not save it. So when it came time to make one for the party I could not find the tutorial anywhere! I winged it and this is what I came up with, a little different than the one I had seen, but cute nonetheless. 

One of the games was to guess how many fruits were in this stand.

Kati made these adorable cookies.

We set all the tables outside with plates, silverware rolls and the party favors, which were individual flower plants wrapped in summery fabric.

I picked up ice from Sonic for the party, because not only is it simply the BEST ice, it is one of the cheapest too! AND I don't have to get out of my car. ;)

Jessica and I
 Maria was so kind to make the cute cake and desserts

Maria, Rachelle, Jessica and myself

We pulled out a toy chest to put the gifts in

One of the other games was a water balloon toss and it was so funny to watch how competitive the ladies got trying to keep it from 'popping!'

As the sun started to set we lit all the candles

And did one more game, the name game, and the gifts around the fire pit. Note: fire pits on grass WILL burn a spot on your grass. lol

Carlie modeling the apron she won

A few of us went in and bought a stroller for Rachelle. She seemed to have a great time. :)

Congratulations Rachelle, it was so fun doing this for you!


  1. Omg! Are you kidding me!? You did a fabulous job lady!! Beautiful! Love those details--- you are insane I see..

  2. Holy cow. This is the abosolute most amazing baby shower I have ever seen. What a blessed girl. Wow, so awesome!



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