Sunday, August 7

Hello Kitty

This year was Daughter's 5th birthday and I had planned to take it easy, as you saw in my previous post. Well, earlier in the year, my friend Jessica (whose daughter is one of my daughter's BFF's and turned five just a couple weeks after) and I were talking about this and we started thinking about doing a smaller, combined birthday party for the girls.

So we got to work planning and came up with a lot of fun ideas. Jessica did amazing coming up with all the decorations! Everything looked beautiful!

We decided to do a all girls party with just the girls their age, to help keep numbers and cost down. It made it a lot easier to be able to focus on the little details also.

The girls both love to craft and paint, so early on we knew that we wanted that to be one of the main activities. Jessica ordered aprons for each girl and made a cute flower clip to clip on the apron or in their hair.

Jessica got this adorable lemonade stand at Costco and we thought it would be so cute to have all the drinks at the kids' level so they could serve themselves. Jessica set it up so cute! And the girls all LOVED it. lol

Bobbing for apples

Our friend Sarah made these adorable collages for the birthday girls.

The girls requested breakfast for their food choice. We were happy to oblige! It was a lot of fun and really seemed to be a pleasant surprise for everyone! We had donut holes, yogurt parfaits and fruit salad to start...

and then egg, potato and cheese casserole, pancakes, sausage, bacon and two kinds of french toast: bananas foster and strawberry banana. 

The girls opted to eat picnic style instead of at tables.

Of course they chose to paint Hello Kitty

Here's what the drink stand looked like after a little attention from the kids. lol

We hung the finished paintings on a clothesline to dry

Maria made the cake and mini bundt cakes. 

The birthday girls and their mommas ;)

This party was a lot of fun to see come together and I think mostly because we really let the girls plan the party. They decided the games, the colors, the theme, the food, the dessert...they really decided as much as we could let them, so it really felt like THEIR party. For more pictures and details go here.


  1. WOW! That was probably one of THEE best parties I have ever seen. So creative. So festive. Looked like a little girls dream come true. Wow. you are blessed to be so creative!

  2. Oh yeah, and I LOVE the lemonade stand, think Im gonna have to look into that!



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