Sunday, August 7

A Day at the Zoo

A couple weeks ago we decided to head out on a spur of the moment zoo trip. We had such a fun day spending the it with each other, enjoying the fabulous weather at the zoo and even a late night dinner at Denny's on the way home. Our family days seem so few and far sometimes, it is so enjoyable when we do. 

Lol...she thinks she's a little model ;)

We went with a few friends also...they all loved the Polar bear cave!

So at the end of the day we were trying to head out and I led us down the long path...or should I say UP the long path. The kids wanted to see all the big cats and they were all up a very long, very tiring hill. So onward we went. Not even half way UP, and Baby starts losing it in the stroller. He was SO tired! So of course, the only person he wanted to hold him was Daddy. Poor Hubby held Baby the entire way up the mountain hill and by the time we got to the top, we were all out of breath, our legs were burning and Baby was dead weight, fast asleep in Hubby's arms. I snapped this picture of him right at the perfect was hysterical!

Lol...poor Hubby!


  1. Kennys face is hysterical!!! Looks like a fun day!

  2. oh how fun!! Yesterday was kids free at the Santa Ana zoo I wanted to go.

    Cute photos, cute kiddos, cute fam bam!

  3. This looks magical! I love the family excursions you all do... Very inspiring! I felt like we used to do a lot more but I think now we are more stressed with tag-teaming 3kids. Seriously I do need to hang out with you. Your calmness may rub off on me. And sometimes I think Adam is agoraphobic. :(

  4. What fun! I miss having a local zoo to go to, especially one like the SD zoo! Your family is adorable! Way to go for you hubs carrying the sleeping bub! :)



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