Wednesday, August 3

Baseball and Fireworks

We were lucky enough to get a bunch of free tickets to an Angel's game! I hadn't been to an Angel's game since I was a child and we had never taken the kids. So we handed out the tickets, packed up and off we went! We were almost in the very last row and besides the steep hike up all those steps, the seats were great! The kids were loud and obnoxious and there weren't many people around us, let alone any that minded. The kids loved it. They watched the game for a while, loved the overpriced snacks, and got a kick out of the rally monkey and doing the wave. It was a great family night and we can't wait to do it again soon!

On Fourth of July weekend, we moseyed over to a local park to watch a fireworks show a few days before the actual holiday. We watch this show every year, with some years better than others. I packed a picnic dinner, brought a blanket and a ball, and headed to the park. The kids ran and ran during the twilight hours, waiting for the anticipated fireworks show.

I didn't pull out my camera at first, I was busy setting up our spot and people watching...but it seems as soon as I did, the end of the day, way over-tired and over-stimulated crazies set in. I could NOT get a nice picture of them, but I did snap away at the crazies!!

Here are some of the most charming ones I captured:

I was trying so

Crazy faces, pizza smeared mouths, skin glowing with sweat! Ahh...childhood ;)


  1. What fun! Your kiddos are adorable!

  2. How cool! That's on our bucket list! I so admire you for taking all three...
    I need to hang out with you more so i cAn see how you do it so well.

  3. Ah what a fun time!!

  4. They look like twins in the last pic lol



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