Monday, August 1

Gifts 671-713

Summer storms
Apple butter
Early morning grocery shopping
Crayons scattered all over the floor
Clean appliances
Son, willing to taste ANYthing
Taking a break from FB
Spending more time with my kids
Catching up on housework
Learning to pray
Oats 'n Honey
little girls' sleepovers
Learning to be a better mother
knowing my calling
having a sorrowful heart
Making mistakes
forgiving those who have wronged
praying for forgiveness for those that I have wronged
brave men and women leaving their families to serve mine
Hubby coming home each day
Helpful neighbors
Heart, heavy with gratitude
growing out of some pants :/
Hand-me-downs, just in time!
Sibling rivalry
Trying to teach Son and Daughter to show love
Realizing that I'm not often enough leading by example
Seeking advice
Learning to follow my own heart, knowing it's God who is leading
Praying desperately for Him to help me be a good mother
Realizing I've been letting Hubby down
Making changes
those changes being appreciated
Seeing the mundane become magical through my kids' eyes
Daughter's insistance that we're having a baby girl
Snuggling a friend's new baby girl
feeling overwhelmed with emotion at the thought of being able to have another baby
Hubby and Son playing catch with the dogs
Baby's LOVE for dogs
Preparing Daughter to start Kindergarten
Not gossiping
Trying to keep my heart and mind on things that are only from God

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