Tuesday, August 16

Gifts 744-768

The boys getting so close
Son doing somersaults
Baby trying hard to copy 
Realizing that people are just that, people
Keeping eyes and heart focused on Christ
Making amends
Shampooing carpets
Apple blueberry muffins
Homemade pina coladas
Measuring kids' growth on the garage door
Simple pleasures hubby and I enjoy and share
Funny superhero faces of Son
Making the bed
Sorting socks
Working on homework with daughter
Sparkling toilets
Daughter's kind and loving reaction to other children being unkind
Son's speech : "free" = three "told" = cold
Finding a good vet
Birthday celebrations with friends
rearranging furniture
highchair tray smeared with strawberries and banana bread crumbs
laundry all piled up again this morning

1 comment:

  1. saltiness, it flows from your life. miss you friend.



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