Saturday, August 13

Gifts 714-743

First day of school
Meeting the teacher
picking out school clothes
Daughter telling me she's growing up
Daughter making little changes to feel more grown up
Foggy mornings
Prayers on the way to school
Daughter praying for other children at school
finding the monkey at Trader Joe's
Morning glory muffins
Son behaving so well
spending some nice time with the boys
devotions with the kids
Baking all day
new ideas
my calling
Baby waking too early
Watching the sunrise, holding baby close
Rocking in the wee hours of the morning
Baby calling "nigh nigh" from his crib
Taking steps toward and being intentional about focusing on my fam
Peace to assure you that you've heeded His call
Waving goodbye
Hubby taking care of us when I was sick
Getting better
feeling warmth
savoring His grace
Praying for Hubby



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