Wednesday, August 17

Take Me out to the Ball Game!

Daughter had her second dance recital a few weeks ago. 
The song that they did their routine to was "Take me out to the Ball Game." It was so darling, the song, the routine, the costumes. 
We loved it all! 

Daughter had a fabulous time! She seems to love being on stage and gets so excited. She never even seems nervous!! I've seen such improvement in her dancing also since last year. 

I was so proud to watch her up there. I was definitely that obnoxious parent, shouting her name, clapping when no one else did, waving ridiculously even though I knew she couldn't see me, trying to push my zoom lens through the shoulders of the people in front of me. All in the name of capturing that moment, right? ;)

Before and after the dress rehearsal and the recital, Daughter and her friends had to do a few little photo shoots of course. They had no problem posing every which way. ;)

The above pictures were all from the dress rehearsal, the pictures below are from the actual recital.

We had a small flower bouquet with a wand in it

She was so excited that Nana and Poppa came to see her dance

She's so cute, even out of focus ;) lol

She also got some lovely flowers from Maria! So sweet!


  1. She is so stinkin adoraBle. Cannor wait for Rachel to get into this.



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