Sunday, July 31


We've been spending a lot of time at the splash park this summer.
This kids love it, and who am I to deny them some good summer fun? ;)

Naturally, Baby was keeping his hands busy. 
(Don't judge...he lives the rest of his life in a onesie or overalls to keep those sneaky hands out, but I haven't been lucky enough to find a onesie swimsuit for little boys this year. :/

I love her :)

Ahh...look, his hands are busy with toys! Yay!

And well, not for long...see his technique? He sucks in his tummy to leave a gap in his diaper and then -swoop- done deal. 

Daughter, who is TERRIFIED of water, has made huge progress this year. Like going under this waterfall all on her own. Last year this would have put her in the hospital with a heart attack.

We've also had more than our fair share of lovely 
summer evenings at home.

Sitting around the firepit

Catching kids butterflies 

Staying up late with the sun

Giving mom some good smiles :)

Enjoying our first ice cream cone

Love summer nights


  1. Your splash zone park looks so nice! Love his Cars trunks, Noah's is a Cars finatic!

    Cute photos :) Hope you had a great weekend

  2. sweet summer memories! Your pics are getting GOOD.



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