Friday, August 12

Seasons Captured

A couple months ago I saw a blog post somewhere (I didn't save the link except on FB, and that's gone- sorry!) about a 
photo checklist for the summer time. 
It was an adorable idea...I loved the thought of capturing the fun things we do with our family during summer with deliberate photos.
I also loved that having a checklist BEFORE the season started 
would be a great way to spark ideas of things to do on those days when it was hard to get going or think of something.

Well anyway, it really felt like summer was just flying by, especially with Daughter starting school so early, so I didn't really jump on the list. I did think that it would be fun to do it for the holidays though, so I kept it in mind.

I told a few friends about the idea and more ideas just started coming. We thought it would be so fun to make a new list for each season, because obviously spring and fall and winter are all so fabulous!! We also thought it would be fun to collect ideas of things to put on the list from everyone, so that it would be a collaborative project. Then a final, inspiring idea was had: instead of having everyone post their photos on their own places and having to scroll through and try to find them all over the place, why not create a site where everyone could go and post their photos or the links to their photos! 

Thus, Seasons Captured was created. 
Melissa, of HUckleberry Prairie, and her husband Jon were the workhorses behind the amazing website. I was so impressed and excited when I saw it. Jessica, of Party Love, Melissa and myself are so excited to see our ideas come to life and are so ready to share with everyone! 

If you'd like to take on this photo project for yourself and your family, we'd love for you to join us!! The Fall list is up and will run now through Thanksgiving. Go to and register so you can jump right in and post your own memories of the season. You can print the list and keep it in your home, purse, car, whatever works best for you! Can't wait to see everyone's photos!!

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