Tuesday, July 5


I've been SO missing from blogland. 
I know.
I have SO much to catch up on.
I know.
I am not making my comeback with some incredibly
thought out piece
that would stir hearts and souls
and make me the most popular blogger in all the land.
I know.
Good thing that's not on my agenda anyway.
I'm making my comeback with a ramble.
Ahh...I love the way I work.
My kids are in bed.
Well, sorta.
I can hear my baby in his room above me
shaking the front of his crib.
I'm pretending I don't.
He's not crying. 
Maybe he's just bored.
He's GOT to be tired.
Son is sleeping...
And no, I didn't have to threaten
his life multiple times.
I don't roll like that.
Only one time.
And he knew I was kidding.
I think.
Seriously though...
Please know I'm kidding.
CPS would not be welcome visitors right now.
Daughter is awake and well.
Playing in her room.
Way past her bedtime.
Has to get up early (kinda) for dance class.
I'm reading this book
It's a recommendation from my Pediatrician. 
So I'm trying out one of the techniques by letting
Daughter decide when she wants to go to sleep.
At first argument of bedtime
I told her that if she didn't think she was tired
that was fine. 
But 8:00 is Mommy and Daddy's alone time.
So I told her I don't want to see or hear you.
As long as you follow those rules you may
stay in your room and go to bed when you feel tired.
However, I reminded her that she still has to get up early
and that I will not be coming back 
to read, pray and sing again.
She was thrilled.
We'll see how it works out.
The idea is that she will likely be tired and grumpy 
tomorrow and after a few nights
she will learn 
(with help from sympathetic and understanding statements from me)
from the consequences of not getting enough sleep.
I'll let you know how it goes.
The book is good and makes a lot of sense.
Although it does touch on some topics for toddlers,
most of it is geared for grade schoolers through teenagers.
So I went back to Amazon and ordered
Love and Logic magic for early Childhood.
That is supposed to be for birth through six years.
I'll let you all know how that one is also.

So I'm exhausted.
So far this pregnancy is kicking my Bootay.
I am more tired than I was with any other pregnancy.
And morning sickness?
Try night sickness.
I get sick every so often in the day time, usually afternoon.
around 8ish I feel a wave of nausea.
It lasts until around 1:00 ish. 
I wake up sick.
I'm supposed to still be sleeping fine!
Ah well, comes with the territory. 
And obviously, it's completely worth it.
BTW, my official due date is January 23.

So I've been wanting to blog all week
and besides barely being able to keep my eyes open
sometimes I just think
I really don't lead a super exciting life.
What am I going to talk about?
What can I talk about that people will care about?
Do you ever have those kind of blog blocks?
My life just isn't blog material.
Maybe I could blog about someone else's life.
Any volunteers?

Out of curiosity...what comes to mind when 
you think "blog community?"
Is there one?
What is it?
Good, bad?

Fourth of July was nice.
Daughter turned five.
I love that her birthday is Fourth of July.
She had a nice, quiet day.
I'll post about that later.

Justin Alfred was a guest speaker at church the other day.
I lost my marbles.
He was my high school Bible teacher.
I miss that teaching so much.
Really tearing apart the Word...
getting down to what it all means,
where it comes from.
I've been frustrated lately
feeling like church so often
ends up being a pep talk,
motivational speaking.
Everyone leaves feeling good about themselves.
Not that I want to feel awful when I leave church.
Sometimes I just feel like it's all about getting more people
and once they're in
it's all just shallow talk.
Not deep teaching.
I wish it could just be real.
But then maybe it would be too hard for 
new believers to understand.
I don't know.
I'm just hungry.
I feel like I can't be satisfied.
Maybe I'm expecting too much of that hunger 
to be met through "church."
Maybe it's my own issue.
Maybe I should  
look to God more to fill my cravings.
I honestly hadn't really thought about that.
Go figure.

Well I do believe I've wasted enough of your time.
Quick prayer request:
I just found out that an old friend is very sick.
He has a rare parasite from some food he ate
and is rapidly losing weight, strength, and control of his daily life.
He's very sick 
And they can't figure out how to help him get well.
Good thing there's a much more qualified Healer looking out.

Anyway, thanks for listening...
I'll try to have more quality posts soon.
Right now I have to go eat a tortilla 
to try to keep my stomach...

Good night all!


  1. great ramble! Love your heart to keyboard thoughts. It makes me feel more normal. yes, I may have just called you weird too. lol

    Anyway - yay for due date! So excited for you, sorry about your queasiness! I'll be praying for you, and for that friend of yours too.

    As for church, I am going to try this one out in menifee - its brand new and well, we should go together. ;)

    chat soon -

    ps, this IS your blog community! me and some odd number of looky loos who read your thoughts and can't take an extra second to say anything nice/honest back. Do I sound bitter? But blogging is for ME now, and that is an important calling: Keeper of memories. ;)

  2. That was a great ramble!

    I'll be praying for your friend.

    Happy birthday to your daughter!

    I didn't know you were pregnant, congratulations!

  3. Wonderful ramble. I laughed out lound quite a few times. Let us know how the bedtime thing goes. Jax's bday is Jan 23. I love it cause its 1-23 easy and fun. AND if yours is born on that day it will be 1-23-12. Kinda cool date. Oh or 1-21-12 that would be cool. Sorry, I love dates and wish all my kids had a cool date. Well Reid does cause its April fools. Ok, now Im rambling..maybe I should blog. hehe
    I will be praying for your friend.
    Love ya girl!



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