Thursday, May 19

Happy Birthday Son!

Son's birthday started the day before with a package from Grandma-Mother. He got a neat card...

I loved watching his face as he opened things

The card had an Iron Man mask in it, and Son just couldn't wait to get that mask on!

Daughter telling Son a secret

Helping adjust Iron Man

Later that night, the night before his birthday, Hubby and I stayed up late putting together his gift: A big boy bike!

The morning of his birthday! 
Happy Birthday Son!!

Look at how excited he was!!

Of course he wanted to ride it right away!

Daughter got him Hungry Hungry Hippos. She swore that was what he'd "always wanted."

Then they squeezed in a quick game before breakfast.

When I was a kid, we were only allowed to have healthy cereals (cheerios, kix, wheaties, etc.) I am also very health conscious around our home and have adopted the same tradition my mom used to have when we were kids. We were allowed to pick ANY cereal for our birthday. I remember thinking about what I would pick for weeks.
This is the one Son picked. No hesitation. He actually was already looking for it before I even pointed anything out!

Enjoying every bite!


The rest of the day was spent playing outside with a few close friends, having hot dogs for dinner (by request) and running a few errands to get ready for the weekend (his party and a catering job). He had a great day!!


  1. How awesome! You are
    Such a fun mom! And you make it look soo easy- that's the talent behind it.



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