Thursday, May 19


The day before Son's party we got a pleasant surprise. The jumper company called and asked if they could bring the jumper a whole day early! What?! Yes, Please!!

Naturally, the kids lost their marbles the second they realized what was happening
 Not a great picture, but I just thought it was so cute how Baby was pointing. ;)

Yeah, I do agree that Daughter is trying to covertly pick her nose. Raising a lady, don't you know?

And the second I gave them the go ahead they were out there faster than I could blink!

They stayed in the jumper for the better half of the day until bed time. 

Hubby and I got SO much done!

At which point we started discussing purchasing a full size jumper of our own...

Thought this pic of daughter "floating" was funny

Baby was SUPER excited about it at first...

Until Son and Daughter started jumping a little too close for comfort...
 Then he was over it and promptly crawled his little tushie to the exit
He tried again later...again did not last long

They had a FABULOUS day in that jumper! And we were SO thankful to have had it for an extra day and all to ourselves! 

PS: The RIDICULOUSLY adorable cape you see Son sporting was a birthday present from our friends Carlie and Luka! Son loved it and wore it to bed for a couple days all while insisting that I no longer call him by his name but instead refer to him as Dr. Fate. Which makes sense, because Dr. Fate is his favorite superhero. What?! You didn't know he was a real character?! Wow, where have you been? No really, just kidding, we didn't know he was real either. We thought Son was making it up until one day when I just couldn't get over how insistent he was about this Dr. Fate being legit, so I did a little Google-ing. Yup, I LOOVE my Google. Anyway, Dr. Fate is legit, from way back when, made a few cameos with the big wigs and had the powers of a super gypsy or something like that. OF COURSE Son would pick that guy as his favorite. Duh. 

Anyway, thank you Carlie!

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  1. I'm SO glad he likes it! I saw it and knew it would be perfect for your little superhero! xoxoxoxo



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