Monday, April 18

Five Coolest things I did today

This list is only conclusive through lunch time. The rest of the day still holds unopened treasures for me to discover! *Squeal*

1. Stopped Baby from playing with Son's Ironman in the toilet.

2. Had a long conversation with Son about flushing after he pees in said toilet.

3. Washed Baby's hands and Ironman after their dip in said toilet.

4. Cleaned the poop marks off a different toilet seat (Clearly from a little tushie shimmying off the seat after business).

5. Had a long conversation with Son about the importance of wiping fully after going number two and explained that I would not mind in the slightest if he would ask me for help. 

And a bonus:

6. Came up with a title for my book...The Potty Chronicles

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