Saturday, April 23

Bike Ride

Hubby was home this morning for a little bit. I needed to run up to the drugstore for feminine supplies. Ahem. It is impossible to "Run up to the drugstore" with three kids. And a lot of times I will walk them up there, it's actually easier and it's only a mile away, so it's no big deal. However, there's some construction going on and the road is super narrow right there now and eh, just didn't want to. So I took advantage of Hubby. ;)
I also decided to squeeze in a little workout and biked up to the store.
Ah the bliss.
To be able to just feel the breeze, take in the smells and watch the world around me without yelling at someone to keep their hands to themselves or threaten small children with their lives if they don't stop screaming.
yeah...the only accurate word is BLISS.
I was totally enjoying my little ride until one of the construction dudes was yelling at me. I totally thought he was whistling at this hot piece of run down momma - still in her jams with a Disney princess backpack on...buuut...
Turns out he was yelling at me for other reasons. I'm not totally sure, either I wasn't supposed to be riding my bike by the construction area, or there was a car that was going to hit me or he was about to call the cops because I wasn't wearing a helmet (my last helmet had Smurf decals on it and doesn't fit anymore, oddly enough). Well, I glanced up but was too afraid that I was going to crash into the gaping hole in the road in which a giant excavator is climbing out of.
So I kept going and ignored said construction worker.
Psh... On a side note, I rocked that backpack.

So I got to the drugstore, loaded the Princesses with all the supplies and headed back home. Well, I could have detoured around the construction site, but that would have taken me to a main hwy where the lack of helmet could have had much more serious ramifications. So I started back the way I came until to my left I saw a few people walking their dog through the field. This field butts up against housing tracks that I weave in and out of all the time on runs, walks, or just to drive around until kids are unconscious asleep. There is one of those chain link fences up around the field, but it's just one of the temp ones that go up with construction jobs and stay up for years after the tractors have gone. So I thought I would just head over and find the opening in the fence where the people and dog must have gone through.
I'm just riding along, starting to feel pretty comfortable with my off-road biking skills until I come to a steep cliff that drops into a crater. Okay, it was probably more like a little drop-off that rain had washed away down into the lower level of the field, but I didn't want to mess up my hair. ;) So I went around another way. Found the fence!
No opening.
Rode along the almost entire length of the fence.
Still no opening.
I had two options.
One. Go back the way I came and back by construction guy. Chance heckling. Chance falling into gaping hole in the road. Chance losing all dignity when I realize he was making fun of the Princesses.
Two. Somehow hoist this heavy and rather old mountain bike over this eight foot fence and then figure out a way to get my sweet arse over the fence myself without dying. Now don't get me wrong, there were days in my life when I wouldn't have thought twice about hopping a fence...but I was TEN!

So what do you think I decided to do? Did I chance humiliation/getting in trouble or risk losing my life by breaking my neck or busting my head open?

Well, guess what? I'll tell you.
You know why? Because this is my blog and if you're bored, oh well.

I hoisted that bike over and let it down gently (hubby wouldn't be too happy if I broke the bike because I was ashamed of the princesses) and climbed my little self right over that fence. Luckily there was a street sign right near where I climbed over, so I used that to help me. Just a little. I owned that fence.
Then I dusted off my jams, hopped back on that bike and rocked the princesses all the way home. And guess what? I didn't even mess up my hair. ;)

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  1. I love you. hahaha. I will jump a fence with you any day lol



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