Monday, April 25

A Bean Burrito

 One night we had make your own burritos for dinner. Ground turkey, black and pinto beans, sour cream and rice...Yum! Everyone was thrilled!

Even sharing their tasty beans ;)
Well, almost everyone. She started out happy, then a switched flipped and she disassembled her burrito and started this little show. ;)
I told her to remake it and that she can make it any way she wants. This is what she came up with.
A SINGLE bean burrito
She rolled it up and started's when she finally got to her bean ;)
Everyone else thoroughly enjoyed their burritos with more than one single bean.

1 comment:

  1. tooo funny! I love these simple post of family memories... your pics are good too. capturing the moment! I'm sure she's cringe when you show he boyfriend someday



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