Saturday, April 23

Gifts 278-304

Shadows from the clouds, sprawling across the hills
All the smells of nature during my bike rides
Free coffee and tea
Reflection of children in the rear view mirror
Looking in the backseat, only to have each child grinning ear to ear, waiting for me to smile back
Children's eyes watching the world out the window
the glow of the sunset across a face
tears glistening on eyelashes
strawberries sliced sweet on toast
long days at the park with friends
impromptu bath time with friends ;) 
child's excitement over the smallest of joys
cool, fresh water
climbing fences like a kid
baby clapping just because
Daughter's beautiful auburn hair
A hundred kisses for Son at bedtime...every night
Daughter finding comfort in our bed after a bad dream
Son waking just to hear a song in the middle of the night
Baby's smile and bright eyes first thing in the morning
Reading children's books about the true meaning of Easter
Hearing Daughter and Son pretend playing, inviting Jesus to their party. 
Fabric softener
The smell of the dryer running at night...smelling it outside, one of my favorite smells
Our electric bill...that it comes every month and we never fear being without


  1. smell of the dyer while i run is my favorite thing ever!

  2. aw Inviting Jesus to their party! too sweet.



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