Friday, May 20

Superhero Party!

For Son's birthday this year, Hubby was in charge of planning. He always gives me a hard time, saying that I make things more complicated and more expensive than they have to be when it comes to birthdays. Last year, during one of our discussions about this very topic he said that he wanted to plan the kids' parties next time. I told him he could plan Son's party. What started as a joke quickly turned into a challenge on both our parts. I was positive that a party could not be done any cheaper or more smoothly for what I usually do and he was positive it would be an inexpensive and easy street. ;)

He immediately knew he wanted to do a Superhero theme and he did GREAT! He only asked me to help send the evite and take care of the desserts, although he was very particular about what he wanted for desserts. He researched and went shopping, ordered things and even decorated here and there. Great job, Babe! Son and everyone here loved it!

Hubby requested a multi-layer, rectangle, rainbow cake. 
Before frosting

The top of the cake is not smudged, I just blurred out Son's name. 
Finished Product

Rainbow cupcakes with spiderwebs

Spiderman and Batman sugar cookies

Hubby ordered TONS of old comic books on EBay to put in the favor bags and use for decoration. So clever!

For snacks before the main meal, we had carrots and crackers with homemade hummus

Fresh pineapple and strawberries

With a tasty vanilla bean fruit dip

I also made homemade chocolate chip cookie brownies

Hubby bought Iron Man and Spiderman centerpieces, table cloths and plate ware, napkins and silverware.

He was so excited when he found a Dr. Fate and Superman comic book. Son's FAVORITE!

Another cool one

Hubby saw this idea for cake/cupcake toppers online and asked if I could add that to his dessert order. Why, of course! ;)

He made it very clear that he would only be putting out ONE drink container and the rest would be individual drinks in the cooler. He always teases me about having to have two or three different drink containers. It took everything I had, but I didn't argue. He chose to make Green Lemonade for his Superhero beverage.

I bought everyone in our family different superhero shirts. Unfortunately I didn't end up getting a family pic of all of us in them and there were very few cooperative members of my family that day. Oh well. Baby always poses for me ;) Maybe I'll stage a picture of all of us wearing our shirts. ;)

 Yay!! Clapping!

Favor bags had kites, comic books, pencils and sharpeners, kaleidoscopes, stickers and trading cards.

Watermelon...should have been up with the other fruit pics. Eh, well. 

Of course we had the balloon wreath out all week. Oh who am I kidding? It's still out. ;) I pull it out for everyone's birthday.

For lunch/dinner we had this yummy pesto pasta salad with baby heirloom tomatoes, Parmesan cheese, red onion and chicken and shrimp

This delicious grilled squash salad with yellow and green squash, cauliflower, baby multi-color potatoes, roasted garlic, artichoke hearts and pickled red onion. 

We also had smashed potato salad with bacon and hard boiled eggs and homemade coleslaw. We had hot dogs for the kids and pulled pork sandwiches with homemade strawberry BBQ sauce.

Iron Man pinata

See Daughter's cute Batman shirt??

Son's BFF giving the pinata a good whack

Hooray for Trever wearing his Batman costume!!

Collecting the goods!

Three candles!

Someone is ready!

He LOVED when everyone was singing! He's always loved it! Last year we had to sing to him three or four times! haha

I didn't get in there quick enough to cut the cake the way I wanted to get a nice, neat picture of the colors. I was busy with rock hard ice cream and hubby cut the cake. :/ 
But it was a white cake with a hint of lemon, with strawberry whipped cream filling and cream cheese frosting.

Son got a lot of neat gifts and has been having so much fun with all of them. Thank you to everyone!

One of the top things he was asking for was more Superhero costumes, he has been long grown out of his old one.
So he was over the moon when he opened up one package and found this!

Later, sharing one of his new toys with his friend, Presley.

Congratulations, you made it to the end of this post!! 
Son had a great birthday and loved the party his Daddy hosted! It was such a fun day! Happy Birthday Son!! We love you so much!


  1. Adorable!!! So bummed I missed out! the pictures look INCREDIBLE! good job! And the food - wow! I am starving now.

  2. great job on everything! I loved the cake! looks so tasty! i also love love the super hero shirts!



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