Friday, March 25

Rainy Days

 It's been raining.

A lot. 

Off and on.

And every time it stops, I have a couple kids who are ready at the door, pressing their faces against the glass, pulling on their coats and shoes. 
They are itching to get outside.
So I let them. 
They asked if they could walk through the mud.
Sure. Shoes will have to come off before you come back in the house, I tell them.
They run away, shouting with glee.
Excited at the thought of mud.

A few minutes later I hear screams followed by shrill bouts of laughter.
I go to the door where daughter tells me that son stepped into a sinking mud puddle.
Double huh?
I go out and to the side of the yard and find son.
Sure enough.
Stuck in a sinking mud puddle.

Ah, rainy days.
And mud.
Ah, childhood. 


  1. oh that's funny stuff... at least they had boots on and not regular shoes. ;)

  2. What is it with kids and rain puddles and mud? Too funny. :)



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