Friday, March 25



It is still dark. It is cool, no, cold. 
Crisp. Quiet. 
People are still warm under blankets, asleep.
Birds are still quiet.
The streets are lonely.
The early and dark world is calm, serene. 

I wake to baby crying. I change him and wrap him warm in a blanket, rocking in the dark. 
He opens his mouth and yawns big. He settles his head on my shoulder, soothed by my warmth and the calmness. I think that in just an hour or so, the serenity of the night, of the early morning, will be swept away and the bustle of day will take its place. The sun will come and spread its light, people will begin their jobs, activities, chores. 
I rock, quiet in the chair, holding my youngest child close. 
I soak up the peace of the night and the warmth of my baby.
A candle, forgotten the night before, flickers its warm and gentle glow across the walls. 
Shadows dance.

Baby grows heavy. I take him to his bed, lay him down and tuck the soft blankets close. He looks into my eyes before they flutter and give way to sleep.
I return to my own warm bed, climb under my blankets and get the pillow just right. I close my eyes, eager to snatch up that one more hour before the day begins. 
A song pops into my head. 
From nowhere.
From above.

"In the morning, when I rise.
In the morning, when I rise.
In the morning, when I rise,
Give me Jesus...
You can have all this world, 
Just give me Jesus."

I shoo the song away. 

"Give me Jesus,
Give me Jesus,
Give me Jesus,
You can have all this world,
Just give me Jesus."

It will not go away.
I don't want it to.
I lay there, eyes wide open. 
I am not tired.
I am joyful.
I am thankful.
I rise and go downstairs.
Soak up the serene.
Thank Him for these few moments to be with Him.
To take in His glory.
To ponder on His words.
To start my day with thoughts of Him.
Thank Him for speaking to me so clearly this morning.
Help me to leave the world at the door, 
Throughout this day, 
Just give me Jesus.

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