Friday, March 18


Quick little funny:

Today, as I was getting Son dressed, he points to his chest and asks "What is that?"

"That's your nipple." I replied.

"Nipple? I have two nipples."

"Yes, you do have two nipples."

"Why are they there?"

"Because everyone has nipples."

"Yeah, everyone has nipples."

Quiet for a minute, the little boy wheels obviously turning.

"I like you Mommy."

I laugh, "Thanks, I like you too."

"I like you because you have GIANT nipples."

aaand...THAT'S a boy for ya! ;-)

And here's a couple more funny pics just to make you giggle. :)


  1. Oh boy. That's a funny story!
    Good thing you got this one documented.

    Those pics are hilarious too!!

  2. Very Cute De'Bran, and typical.



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