Saturday, May 26

Long overdue

These photos are long overdue and SO old. :/ Just trying to catch up for keepsake purposes and I haven't really updated day to day family photos since JANUARY! Yikes!!
I've just been so unmotivated to blog...I've been busy, naturally, but even when I do have minutes to spare, literally all I am motivated to do is snuggle my kids, crochet and sit quietly, trying desperately to glean from Jesus. I've really been feeling such heavy stirrings in my heart, for months. And every time I sit at His feet, singing, praying, listening...pouring out to Him, it leaves me wanting more and more...I just cannot get enough. Ahh...which is great, and I love it and I'm so thankful for the season of growth that I am experiencing, but it really hasn't helped the 'ol blog. ;)

Getting ready for Laynie's arrival. This was my dress home from the hospital and then Kaelyn wore it home and then Laynie. 

I spent so much time staring at these ultrasound pics, just imagining her little face and the little lines I would soon be running my fingers across.

Kaelyn sporting her Kitty beanie

This is how we do pasta around here. lol

Kaelyn's favorite maternity pic...she loves Wayde's face

Meeting Laynie

I think I was pointing out where she was at

Tiny, wrinkled up hands

hospital bands put on AFTER delivery because we almost didn't make it ;)


Teensy tiny toes

Taking her in

My babies

The pictures and the dress

New baby

WHA??? My last baby was 9lbs 4 oz!!

I told Sarah I wanted all the raw, dirty, messy pictures of my baby...I wanted to remember and relive that moment every time I saw these pictures. She was amazing.

I always get a pedi before I have my babies...and very rarely otherwise. pink power ;)

love those clenched fistesses :)

I was talking to my momma here...and man do I LOVE the juice at our hospital! lol

The nurse who delivered Laynie...she was so sweet...and so surprised! lol


  1. YES!!! You are totally overdue! i miss your post tremendously!!!! i miss you tremendously!! hope there's time in you summer for us to hang out!

  2. these pictures are priceless! a true treasure!



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