Saturday, May 5


Church. What a topic, huh? People love to hate to talk about church.  It seems like there is so much griping about church today. So much dissatisfaction, so many complaints. I am not saying whether or not those feelings are valid...just pointing out that the whining about church is heard loud and clear. All this grumbling isn't just coming from non-believers either. Nope, I think the biggest critics of the church are the believers themselves! And I am just as guilty as the next. But something occurred to me tonight. Aren't we, as believers, considered to BE the church? Isn't it said that the church is not the building, but rather the church IS the believers who gather?

Second thought..."he who is without sin, let him cast the first stone..." 

So, if I am not mistaken, and WE, as the body of Christ, ARE the church...and we are obviously not without sin, shouldn't we do a little less criticizing and a little more encouraging? Perhaps put in some more work? A little effort? BE the change that we want to see in the church? Ask not what our church can do for us, but what we can do for our church? When we see the failures in church, perhaps we should stop looking around us and just look inside. Work on ourselves so that WE can be and do who/what God desires. 

Church is not just a place for believers to go and get the warm and fuzzies, to have a little break from the kids, sip some coffee, enjoy idle chit chat, sing a couple songs and listen to a quick little message for the week. Church is for believers and nonbelievers alike. A place that is safe, warm, welcoming. Ready to help, guide, love. Praying, giving, serving. Looking out into the community to see what needs to be done. Who needs to see and feel and experience Jesus' love today. 

So when you leave church complaining that the worship wasn't that great this morning, or when you make excuses for not being a part of a church family (as a believer), remember that YOU are the church. It is not the pastor's job, the usher's job, the Sunday school teacher's job, to meet your checklist of criteria to make sure you have a pleasant morning on Sundays. Church should not come with a list of amenities available. It is OUR job to be that person, holding our hands out, offering what we have, everything, to be of service to others. A great place to start is at church. Maybe we could reform the church's reputation back to what is once was. A place where the lost, hungry and sick could find refuge and His love. Not the snooty Bible club we've become. 

Go to church. And BE the church. 

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  1. I have a book for you. Ps- couldn't agree more!



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