Sunday, May 27

Reminders to Self and Prayers

Here I am Lord, send me.
But, really, what difference does it make?
He gave up everything for me, I owe Him everything.
I can never repay Him, does He really NEED me?
I could at the very least show my gratitude by being salt and light.
How can there be so much anguish, so much will they ever hear? See? Know?
That's why He has me here.
I can see every reason NOT to.
He's the only reason to do.
I can't see how it will ever work.
I don't have to.
I don't think I am really able.
I'm not, He is.
I'm not patient enough, kind enough, organized enough.
He can help with that.
I'm too selfish.
He is molding my heart.
I don't see the path...I can't see the way.
I'm on it. He sees it.

Trust, seek, follow, obey.
Compassion, love, mercy.
Be the blessings I count each day.

Ahh...calm my spirit. Focus my heart.
Tighten the reigns and teach me discipline.
Stir in my family, in my home.
Be in my husband.
Let my vision be yours, my heart, your home. Let me follow in your shadows, not just seeing the need, but meeting it.
Let me love like you.
Fill my thoughts with yours.

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  1. beautiful, my friend. thank you for your words! for sharing



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