Saturday, September 10


I'm staring at piles of laundry that need to be washed and folded,
suitcases that need to be packed,
bedding that needs to be washed and mattresses that need to be aired,
carry-ons that need to be thoughtfully packed in order to entertain three small children for an entire day or airports, flights and layovers
and the list of things to get in order for the week while I'm away.
Phew... who knew?

And guess what?
The boys are getting sick.
Wish I were joking.
And my mom would lose her marbles if we bailed. 
And the tickets are all non-refundable or transferable.
And I may not see my sister again for a very long time. We're already at once a year as it is. Hubby is out getting benadryl. That's okay right? Something to help dry up those runny noses during the flight? And if they happen to doze off, that's okay too. ;)
I'm pumping them with vitamin C like crazy.
I'm hoping they can shake it before Monday with a couple calm days and good nights' sleep.

Okay, so here's my current dilemma.
I cannot make a decision, so I need some advice.
And if you don't usually comment (ahem), please comment on this one, I need as many opinions and reasoning as I can get.

So Hubby can go with me all the way to the boarding gate (awesome huh, it's called an escort pass). So I'm less worried about the hassle of juggling three kids, eight shoes, three backpacks and a purse, a car seat and a stroller while going through security and handing them our boarding passes and driver's license. With Hubby there, that part will be a breeze (compared to doing it without him). The plane flight....ugh, I'm just hoping to slip all the kids a sleeping pill and be done with it. I kid I kid.
Then I have a stop mid flight and a layover. And not just where we refuel or exchange a few passengers. No, I have to change planes! UGH. And the layover is two hours. Still no big deal.
But here's my dilemma. 
I am taking one car seat for Baby on the plane so that he will be strapped in and hopefully sleep part of the trip as if we were in the car. However, the car seat is a Britax and is quite large and awkward to lug around.
What I can't figure out is what stroller to bring?
Umbrella: Super light weight, small, easy to store, fold, lift, shove at the TSA agents, ram into people who won't move...all that. Perfect.
No storage, No holders for anything, only one kid is locked down in airport. I can have son wear one of those little backpack-leash things too though. And Daughter wouldn't dare leave my side and if anyone ever took her, they'd quickly return her with a reward to me for putting up with her sass for so long. ;)

Second option:
Regular size single stroller: Still easy to fold, pretty light (I can lift it with one hand) some storage and holders for cups (or phones, etc). Will have a more comfortable (reclining for naps) stroller in Oklahoma, might be able to balance the car seat on the top of the stroller (shade area)
Not as easy to store anywhere, but they'll be throwing it under the plane after we board anyway, still only one kid is locked down in airport, and I will have to take all the crap I store in it out at every security checkpoint.

Third option:
Double jogger stroller: Easy to fold, lots of storage and holders for crap, probably be able to balance the car seat on the top (shade area), two kids locked down in airport, will have a great stroller in Oklahoma
Not as easy to store, but again, they'll be throwing it under the plane, will be a royal pain going through security, have to not only take out all the crap, but unfasten TWO kids' buckles.

So what do you think??

I'm excited to see my family but just dreading this trip. And I'm praying that the boys get well quickly and that Daughter doesn't get sick also or get sick on the trip and then miss more school once we return. 

Blogger business: I didn't even think about my blog while I'm gone, until last night. I am planning to bring my laptop and if I have time, I'll definitely post an update here and there.
However, I also went through old blog posts from my old blog and pulled them over here for your reading pleasure. Obviously they are outdated, so one or two of my kids may be missing in a post and they may sound like they are a lot younger than they are. That's cuz they are younger in those posts. ;)
But I chose posts that really still speak to me, that stood out as a very important time or something that I am still feeling or experiencing now or something that I needed to be reminded of today. So anywho, if you've read them before, sorry...just scoot on by! If not, hope you enjoy them.

And again, thanks for all your help with the dumb stroller thing. And any other tips for traveling alone with too many little kids. I can use all the advice I can get. ;)

Talk soon, have a fabulous week!!!


  1. for the carseat, loosen the straps all the way and wear it like a back pack. it's kind of heavy but it is the easiest way to get through a airport with it. And trust me, you will want that car seat on the plane for sure. bring the medium stroller to pile all your stuff on and maybe even push B in. And bring the umbrella and have K push W through the airport. Pre print out some address labels with your moms address on them so you don't have to fill out the gate check tags, you can just stick some stickers on them with the info. And nothing is wrong with a healthy dose of Benadryl before a long flight for a kiddo.

  2. Wow Carlie has is set! I would just say ditto ;)

  3. i say double storller...better to have them on lock down... I CANNOT BELIEVE YOU ARE GOING WITHOUT YOUR HUSBAND!!! Are you nuts!?

    You have some serious courage girl. I wish it were so easy for me.

    Anyway! Have fun!!! Enjoy. we'll miss you. Take lots of pics. Hope you have a smooth ride and I'll be praying hard of course.


  4. I actually have a car seat cover/backpack which u can carry through the airport but would be a pain once on the plane. The medium stroller is probably the best option. And just make sure the kids ears are clear..even benadryl won't help with a rapid decline in altitude..and let me tell you, I've experienced that pain twice in my life and it is excruciating. So much so that I was contemplating driving home from Texas if I wasn't better by the end of the trip. I've had to cancel trips because of the kids colds because I didn't want to risk putting them through that. If you can't pop your ears before boarding a plane, don't get on!! Haha..words of advice from jon ;) I will be praying for a speedy recovery for them. Luke actually has had a runny nose today too. Who do we owe this to?! Haha j/k

  5. double jogger....with 2 kids locked down you will have better piece of mind. :)



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