Tuesday, September 13

About me...Ten months ago

I saw this on a friend's blog and thought it would be fun. Here's a post all about myself, just a few things. Well fifty, to be exact, that you may or may not already know. Feel free to skip. I don't blame you. I'm not the most terribly interesting person.

1. My mom made up my name. De'Bran. She has a thing with unique names. My sister is Chantel Zorana. I hated it growing up and have learned to embrace it as an adult.
2. I have one younger sister. She is four and a half years younger. We could not be more different.
3. I love to travel; airports, hotels, rental cars, roadtrips, eating at new places, luggage, packing, unpacking, everything. I have been to Alaska, Washington, Oregon, Utah, Colorado, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Mexico, Australia and the Netherlands and absolutely cannot wait to travel again someday.
4. I love to write. I also love English and grammar and have recently come to terms with myself as a grammar and spelling Natzi. Not that I am without error, but I know I have an issue. I always wanted to be a writer and was advised by several teachers throughout school and college that I should write, but I dabbled in other studies for other reasons. That's another story.
5. I love the idea of primping with makeup and hair color and nice outfits and I often go through phases of trying very hard to spruce myself up, but the truth of the matter is I am just too lazy and would rather spend my time and money on other things. Poor Kenny.
6. I moved out when I was 19. Well technically, my parents moved out and I stayed behind. I made them think I had a place to live and did not and when they left I had $200, a loaded down car and a packed storage unit. I seriously considered staying in my storage unit but the hours it was open didn't work with my work schedule.
That's an entirely different story that I could write a post for. Should I?
7. I've had my heart broken only once and learned to love again so deeply it hurts, but in a very good way.
8. I always wanted four kids, very close together. Now I have three kids very close together and I think I may be done. ;-)
*** Well we all know that didn't last ;)***
9. I don't know my father. Another story.
10. I have an amazing dad.
11. I talk to my mom a few times a week. She's one of my best friends.
12. My sister and I just recently have started to get along. It was a long and rocky road to being able to talk without yelling.
13. I hated Hubby when I met him. I called my mom and told her my boss needed serious prayer.
14. She hated Hubby when she met him and of course, by that time, I did not hate him any more. She hated him for a long time. Another story. I should take a poll...which story are you all most interested to hear?
15. I was always raised knowing and learning about God, but truly became saved in high school, when I was fifteen.
16. I was once told I couldn't have children.
17. I switched doctors.
18. I participated in a pregnant bikini contest. Yes, yes I did. Another story. lol
19. I love to read. I'll read anything: books, magazines, textbooks. I like things based on real events or based in reality. I don't do science fiction or fantasy. Same goes with movies and TV shows. Although, I do love tall tales, fables, and fairy tales. I guess those usually have a good lesson to go along with the ridiculous story.
20. I'm a carrier for cystic fibrosis.
21. I have very bad asthma.
22. I played piano, saxophone, clarinet, flute and dabbled with the trumpet, French horn and trombone.
23. Being in an orchestra to record soundtracks for movies and/or play concerts would have been my dream job, besides being a mommy of course.
24. My favorite color is green.
25. My favorite movies are Moulin Rouge, A River Runs Through It, My Fair Lady and Legends of the Fall.
26. I would like to have a little bit of land somewhere much more rural than here and have horses.
27. I used to ride a few times a week.
28. I've always had a thing for all things ranch and cowboy.
29. I really, really do not like bugs. Especially ants.
30. I don't like birds as pets.
31. I am extremely allergic to cats and take allergy medication before I go to certain people's houses and always take an extra emergency inhaler, just in case. I have forgotten and had to leave unable to speak because I could barely breath.
32. I am somewhat lactose intolerant. It comes and goes.
***I've since stopped eating almost all dairy, so now I don't have any issues with it :)***
33. I once had 21 units in college.
34. I love school and cannot wait to go back. I never finished college and wish I had daily.
35. I scored the exact same number on my SAT's both times I took them.
***Update: When I was in high school, I scored very high on my SAT's and have been very proud of those scores ever since. Until the other day when my neighbor's son explained to me that the scoring is different now and every time I "brag" about my scores, they are truly laughable. Phfff...***
36. My favorite job I ever had was working at a coffee shop.
37. Hubby and I were married in Vegas. I was five months pregnant. My wedding dress was $40. Classy ;)
38. I've been accused of having an eating disorder.
39. I once went in a coyote den and saw pups. We ran.
40. I am a fairly laid back person, but I do tend to be sensitive. It is a blessing and a curse.
41. I do not believe in aliens, but Hubby is not so sure. It makes for very interesting conversations.
42. I am obsessed with Christmas, and love all other holidays. Well, not Valentine's day. I only like it for the kids.
43. I drive a Toyota Sienna and I love it.
44. I adore Garth Brooks. Really, really adore him. One of his band members rubbed my belly when I was pregnant with Son.
45. I love to blog, but refuse to feel obligated to it. That is my explanation for any extended absences from blog world.
46. I have never been away from my kids overnight, except to have another baby.
***Update: We did have our first overnight date in February, this year. So this isn't true. Although the next time I'm away from my kids overnight, will probably be to have another baby. lol***
47. I had a miscarriage and still find myself very sad about it. That baby would be two this month.
48. My favorite scripture is Exodus 14:14. It says (NIV) "The Lord will fight for you, you need only to be still."
49. I love to cook and bake. Especially the latter.
50. I needed a signed permission slip from my parents to participate in a class activity in college. Second semester.

Well, there you have it. Fifty silly and useless things to know about me. :)


  1. love this! i want to hear every *stroy* you have!!! :)

  2. I learned so much about you! That was fun. And on the contrary you ARE an interesting person!

  3. Wow, i loved reading all that about you Debran!! There are so many blog ideas in there!!! Love ya girl. You are such an encouragement to me,.

  4. DeBran you are so funny!!! Loved reading this!

  5. This was great!! and #18, I remember being there and cheering for you! and have the pictures to prove it :)



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