Wednesday, August 10


Today was Daughter's first day of school. 
We did a co-op preschool,
but it never really felt like going to school.
Not like this.
Today she only went for an hour or so to get
acquainted with the classroom and the school grounds,
meet her teacher,
find her seat,
go over some rules,
and do a couple little worksheets.
It was adorable.
She loved it!
Tomorrow she goes back for her first real, full day.
SO exciting and scary at the same time.
I have a load of papers and handbooks to read and some
things to fill out online, 
so I'll have to save the sentiment of it all
for another post.
Here's the pics I got from our short time today.
Not the most amazing pics you ever saw, 
but some of the fondest memories 
we'll ever make.
So they make me smile all the same. 

Brothers wanted in too...and of course Son packed a backpack filled with monster trucks to take to the sitter's.

All ready!

Yeah, the backpack totally swallows her ;)

I am aware that her sweater and dress do not match, however it was HER big day and she insisted that since they both have white, they match. Go girl. :)

This was her face right after she saw the classroom for the first time. She picked her jaw up off the floor and said "This is AMAZING!" It was so sweet. I love her and I love how such simple things bring her so much joy!

The swings are a tad bit high for my tiny little girl, but she got it

She found her friend before the bell rang. The girls aren't in the same class, but they'll be able to meet up at lunch and recess to play together.

Working on her first worksheet

Here's her teacher

Daughter volunteered so eagerly to take the attendance folder to the front office. I was so surprised! She had no idea where the office was or how to get there and never even glanced my way to see what I thought. I was so proud of her independence and willingness. (BTW, they did send her with a first grader who knew the way-haha)

One of her favorite parts: The LITTLE bathrooms. Little sinks, little toilets...she was cracking up.

Lining up to go home

Part of her cute classroom, which is really big and very colorful!

Their desks, or "neighborhoods."

Saying thank you and goodbye

Ugh, and I'm so mad, I forgot to adjust any settings, I just snapped and never even looked at the picture. :/ Hopefully Sofia's momma got a better pic.

I'm so proud of her, I can't believe we're here already!!

Mrs. Saleeby and Daughter


  1. this totally made me well up. I am so not a cryer but seriously? I love the way you captured this. Imagine when she's 18 she has this to look back on! Soooo sweet! you are doing such great job lady.

    I am going to be FREAKING OUT when it's Evan's first day! How exciting though. it's all so bittersweet!

  2. Have to still look at my pics...will share with you, of course!!! So glad we got to share today together!! xoxoxo

  3. ah yay! this is so cute! I love the photo of you & her & I love your green top! Cute!

    Noah's first day is today of his 2nd year in pre-school.

  4. OMG I love it. This is the very reason why I wish I had my own classroom. Those first day of school moments and memories. I hope she loves school :) So fun and exciting!!!

  5. I am so in tears. It seems like last week they were in our belly and now we have sent them off! looks like she had a great first day. Oh how I wish I could meet her soon. She seems precious. So sweet!

  6. aww..what a special day! so glad she had so much fun! :)



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